Every year the European Migration Network develops a series of publications offering a source of comparative law that provides a complete vision of the migration situation to authorities, civil society, and other institutions linked to the topic.

Informe Digitalización de documentos de identidad y permisos residencia expedidos a nacionales de nacionales de terceros países


El último informe de la Red Europea de Migración (REM) sobre la "Digitalización de documentos de identidad y permisos de residencia expedidos a nacionales de terceros países" proporciona un análisis en profundidad sobre los desafíos y ventajas de adoptar procedimientos de inmigración exclusivamente digitales en los 23 países miembros de la REM. Estados Unidos y dos países observadores, a saber, Georgia y Ucrania.

Report 2024

The integration of applicants for international protection in the labour market.

National report cover

The overall aim of the study is to inform the target audience (e.g. practitioners, policy officers, decision makers at both EU and national level, including the European Commission and the European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA), academic researchers, civil society organisations and the general public) on the labour market access of applicants for international protection, identifying existing laws, policies and measures regarding the labour market integration of applicants, good practices and challenges in the period of January 2017- June 2022.

Study 2022

Year 2022

Year 2022

The Annual Report on Migration and Asylum 2022 provides an overview of migration and asylum-related developments and debates in Spain between January and December 2022. In 2022, the war in Ukraine was the defining issue, necessitating new regulations (for example, the Regulation on Displaced Persons) or the adaptation of existing systems (for example, in the area of integration). Furthermore, a comprehensive reform of the relevant legal foundations brought about changes and facilitations in labour migration, among other things, and measures were taken to address the shortage of skilled workers in Spain. In addition, the high number of applications for international protection and the reaching of capacity limits in basic care played an important role, especially in media reporting.

Annual report on migration and asylum 2022

EMN Quaterly

EMN Boletín 42

The 42th. edition provides information from period January-March 2023, including the (latest) relevant published statistics

Bulletins 2023

Country sheet Spain 2022

Country sheet Spain 2022

Country sheet Spain 2022

Country sheets 2022

Resettlement, Humanitarian admission and community sponsorship programmes

This inform provides up-to-date and comparative data on resettlement, humanitarian admission and sponsorship schemes. It presents recent developments in EMN Member Countries between 2016 to 2022 and offers a valuable resource for countries launching new programmes to learn from established programmes in other countries. Moreover, it aims to complement and enhance other knowledge-sharing initiatives in the field.

Report 2023

Statelessness in the European Union, Norway and Georgia

Third version of the EMN Statelessness inform.

Statelessness is a global phenomenon, preventing those concerned from accessing fundamental human, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. Marginalisation and discrimination are frequent consequences.

Implications for affected individuals, particularly with regard to work, education, healthcare and social aid.

Report 2023

Accompanied children’s right to be heard in international protection procedures

This inform provides an overview of the implementation of the right of accompanied children to be heard in international protection procedures and presents their chal lenges, good practices and lessons learnt in guaranteeing that right.

Report 2023

Prospects for displaced persons in non-EU first reception and transit countries:

This inform provides an overview of the strategies and initiatives put in place by the European Migration Network (EMN) Member Countries to enhance the prospects of displaced populations in non-European Union (EU) first reception and transit countries. It also identifies good practices that could serve as a starting point to develop or improve sustainable support initiatives.

Report 2023

Organising flexible housing in the context of international protection

This inform aims to present information that can support policy makers to better organise their respective reception systems, in a flexible manner, whilst anticipating further changing inflows in the future. It also aims to inform the public, particularly as housing of applicants for international protection is a frequent topic of public and political debate.

Report 2023